Position the "Search" Box

First we have to take the sidebar and make it a "relative" position. Use the following CSS code:


CSS Code (Relative Position)

#sidebar1 {
position: relative; 
overflow: visible;

/*This allows to absolutely position your sidebar widget (eg. the search bar) and keep it within the flow of things */


Then we take the section (eg. the search bar) and give it a position of absolute.


CSS Code (Absolut Position)

#sectionContentYOUR-ID {
position: absolute;
top: 100px; /*adjust pixels to your liking*/
left: 100px; /*adjust pixels to your liking*/
z-index: 1; 


With the z-index you stack your div's in a certain order. 1 being the lowest you can go and 9999 being the highest you can go.

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